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“No, I’d fuck him, but not in a sexy, romantic way….”

“You can’t smoke weed if you’re dead.”

“Leon Trotsky thinks you’re hotsky.”

“Well, YOU’RE the one who’s obsessed with leprechauns!”

“Where’s Canadia?”

—   a teacher, after pulling out a map of South America

mathpreacher said: whenever i click submission guidelines it redirects me to my own inbox?

It was doing that for me, too.  I have no idea why.  I changed the link to get to that page, and it seems to be working now if you’re still interested.  (Or click here.)

“Oh yeah, I’m totally gonna stick my dick in that bottle.”

“I didn’t pee on him. I just humped him a little”

“I know I’m being hard on her, but she needs to get hard on.”

“Homie-o, Homie-o, let down yo weave!”