Because sometimes students say some pretty absurd things ~~if you have a submission, you can just use the ask box~~

“Can we use your computer to look up child pornography?”

“Wait, I thought Pocahontas and Christopher Columbus were in a relationship.”

“No, Hawaii is the one in the Gulf of Mexico. Alaska is in the Atlantic.”

“I’m confused. I thought ‘Democrat’ was related to democracy.”

"Did you know that Hawaii isn’t by Florida?  I thought it was?"

          “Yeah, I thought Hawaii was Cuba and Cuba was Hawaii.”

"Yeah, and Alaska isn’t by Antarctica.  Since they’re both cold, I thought they’d be by each other."

“She keeps saying ‘Senpai!’, so all the time, it’s just ‘Senpai! Senpai! Senpai!’”

“Yeah, and we’ll take the bad ones and sacrifice them to the gods.”



“I swear my fish can talk.”

"Is Hawaii in Mexico?"

          “Nah, it’s on the other side of the world.”

“This girl totally farted on me. It’s okay, though. She was hot.”