Because sometimes students say some pretty absurd things ~~if you have a submission, you can just use the ask box~~

“The Caribbean is in Africa, right? Because of Pirates of the Caribbean! And pirates come from Somalia, so obviously, the Caribbean is in Africa.”

“Geometry is a type of math, right?”

"Wait, so girls pee out of their butts, right?  That’s why they sit to pee, right?"


"Wait, really?  Then where?  Their boobs?"

“So you did put the hand sanitizer on your dick.”

“Why don’t cats work at McDonald’s?”

“You don’t get swag. You have to find the swag inside of you.”

“I saw these two girls the other day holding hands. I think they’re lesbian. They must be possessed by evil spirits!”

“Tap water is different from H2O.”

“Are you saying you wanna screw Leon Trotsky?”

“One time, on the bus, someone started sniffing my hair.”