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“If I could be any animal, I’d be a unicorn and my favorite color is glitter.”

“Hey Frau, can I text my mom? I swear I need to tell her something important.”

“Well I DO mind if you pound on his head.”

Hey everyone.

The ask box has been reopened, in case you want to submit anything.

p.s. I’ve gotten a lot of submissions lately about ebola and band/choir directors talking about the d, so let’s take a break from those for a while.

Anonymous said: whoa have you taught algebra2 because boy do I need help with that hahah

Hey, sorry—I just found this.

Yes, I have taught algebra 2, but I’m really inconsistent about how often I check my inbox.  (This is why I keep closing it when I want to empty it—I had like 250 messages to go through this weekend, and there have been other times where I’ve had like 400 or 500 to go through.)

Messaging me here is probably not the best way to get math help in a timely manner, but I hope you were able to get the help you need.  Good luck.

“Windex kills HIV on contact.”

"Samuel Andrew Nicholas Thomas Adams. Satan."

          “I’m pretty sure that spells ‘Santa’.”

“Stop making eye contact with me while putting on deodorant!”

“If food was sex, that would turn me off!”

“If I was a teacher for a day, I’d bring everyone cupcakes. Because cupcakes are bae. And I wouldn’t give any tests. Tests aren’t bae.”